About Me


My name is Nikkie and I’m an observer and capturer of unique, real and spontaneous moments in an honest way. I have a relaxed, organic and natural approach in capturing your personalities by just enjoying the moment. I love those genuine glimpses, in-between moments and laughter. I like laughter. A lot!

Ek's Afrikaans. Ek's van die plaas en ek's passievol. Jesus is my inspirasie en rolmodel. Ek is gemaklik en hou van laggies maak. Ek's versot op ‘n prentjie en om die moois van die lewe raak te sien. Om in mense se stories te kan deel is ‘n groot voorreg.

Stories is uniek. Stories is rou. Stories is mooi. Voor ek die kamera as beste vriend aangeneem het, het my storie eers gaan draai by bordkruit en fluitjies. Dis hiér waar die Here Sy kreatiewe storie vir my bekend gemaak het:

You will show the world who I am with your pictures. This is not only a talent but a gift from Me. You will make them see Me
That’s what I want to do. I want to help people see and discover the beauty of the Lord and His wonderfully detailed, life-changing and mind-blowing work. My pictures are an interpretation of how I observe and see life. A fly-on-the-wall approach, with as little staged moments as possible.

Through my lens I want to document your beautiful real emotion to ensure an honest reflection of your unique, spontaneous moments.

Let’s go and capture your story.